A different kind of travel…

The idea of AgroTrails was born one sunny afternoon on the terrace of the Kozlović winery overlooking the vineyard-covered hills of Istria and the ruins of the medieval Momjan Castle. While tasting new vintages of local Malvasia and Teran wines and visiting our friends the renown Croatian winemakers Gianfranco and Antonella Kozlović, we remarked how much we enjoyed spending time in Istria, relaxing and rejuvenating by slowing down and embracing the unhurried Mediterranean pace of life rather than rushing from one tourist site to another. To us the most valuable travel experience was to see how the local people live and zeljkos-parkinglotwork, what they eat and drink, and what they are most proud of. Discovering some simple treasures hidden in our hosts’ every day lives to us felt just as exciting as to climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower or to walk the Great Wall of China. We talked about the new trends in travel, the “Slow” philosophy in food and wine, and about the fact that more and more people are interested in embracing a holistic and “slower” approach to exploration of new cultures and destinations. Upon our return to the United States, we set off on a journey of bringing the AgroTrails idea to life and sharing our passion with a wider circle of food and wine enthusiasts.

Our mission…

Our itineraries reflect the way we love to travel – stay off the beaten path and seek out special spots and experiences that few travelers would otherwise discover. Our itineraries are designed to stimulate the senses and balance exploring and learning with enough time to relax, have fun and unwind. Our trails will take you to leSWPaVxcFX7QaDveL_i415mpZtd9G9CD6xHeXxNEEoamazing esoteric places where your local hosts will invite you into their homes, offer you their family treats, teach you how to cook them and share a story or two over a special bottle from their cellar. From time to time you may find yourself feeling like you are visiting your extended family, who try their best to impress you but let you share in their day-to-day lives at the same time. The regions we will introduce to you are known for their flavorful, fresh, seasonal food and artisanal, handcrafted wines. While traveling with us, you will meet farmers, chefs and winemakers who have tremendous respect for their land and believe in sustainability and biodiversity. These people embody the slow food and wine philosophy and we are happy to be able to support and promote them.

For our accommodations and meals, we select and support family-owned and operated hotels and restaurants as much as we can. Our hotel properties offer modern comforts and amenities along with personalized family-style service, fresh locally sourced food, and plenty of local ambiance and personality. Our programs are designed with smaller travel parties in mind, so you can always feel that personal touch and attention to detail every step of the way. On our trails you will find the most authentic experiences that make the best life-long memories.

Meet the owners…

owners1Ilya and Olga Shchukin, the founders of AgroTrails, began their professional careers in the travel industry in the early 90’s in Eastern Europe. They spent over 20 years working in incentive and high-end special interest travel, and have had the opportunity to experience and appreciate the cultural diversity and heritage of the people in many countries around the world. While developing luxury travel programs in Central Europe, they fell in love with this unique area stretching from the snowy Alps to azure waters of the Adriatic Sea. A few years later Ilya joined Vinum USA, Inc., a wine import company dedicated to building and promoting a wine portfolio with the focus on smaller artisan wineries from Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. Traveling around the region and building partnerships and friendships with proud and hard-working winemakers and farmers helped Ilya appreciate the amount of sweat and tears that goes into growing wholesome food and making honest wine. These artisans have a great story to tell through the fruit of their land, and AgroTrails’ mission is to share that story.

In 2014, with support of our partner, Vinum USA, Inc., Ilya and Olga launched AgroTrails featuring selected itineraries in Croatia and Slovenia.



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